Our Philosophy


Al-Mashriq is a one-of-a-kind Arabic language training center.

We are the only Arabic language study abroad program that offers a fully integrated curriculum, giving students the tools they need to immerse themselves in the living Arabic language. Our progressive teaching philosophy puts a high value on verbal communication and human interface, and all of our programs have a special focus on intercultural communication. By mastering the authentic language, our students forge meaningful connections with the wealth of Arab culture & history that surrounds them.

What does it mean to be "integrated"?

From Day 1, Al-Mashriq students learn to speak and understand Levantine Arabic, while reading and writing in MSA.

Most Arabic-as-a-foreign-language programs focus on Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) for all four language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) and sometimes teach spoken Arabic as an afterthought. This traditional system leaves many students struggling to communicate verbally as they are not prepared to deal with the language in everyday settings. In an effort to solve this common problem and close the gap between Western classrooms and the real world, we teach students the living language as it is used by native speakers every day. Al-Mashriq courses introduce spoken Levantine Arabic (the Arabic used in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine) and use it for ordinary conversation and discussion throughout the course and MSA for reading, writing and formal/scripted speech.

The results are remarkable, and participants see notable progress in their fluency level after just a few weeks.

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Dr. Mohammad Al-Masri

Faculty Member

Emily Koppelman

Communications Director

Dr. Yousef Rababa

Administrative Director

Dr. Munther Younes

Academic Director