Applicants should be aware that our costs do not cover student accommodation for various reasons; however, we are happy to help students find a home away from home in Amman. Students who wish to arrange housing through Al-Mashriq may choose from the following options:

Furnished Apartment (300-350 JD/mo*)

This option offers the maximum amount of personal freedom and privacy, allowing students their own space and the autonomy to come and go as they please. Furnished apartments come fully equipped with kitchen and bathroom supplies as well as furniture and appliances. The major drawback to this option is the fact that it may reduce the studentsŐ exposure to the language outside of the classroom, whereas dormitory or homestay life is likely to augment that exposure.

*Estimated Cost - Prices may vary

Of course, students who wish to arrange for their own housing are welcome to do so. Whatever you choose, please indicate your preference on the application form. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.