Arabic 1L Levantine Arabic

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Prerequisite: one academic year of MSA or the equivalent

Instructional Materials: Arabiyyat Al-Mashriq (to be provided by the Center)

Contact Hours: 80

Credit Hours 4

This course is designed to help students who have studied MSA only or MSA and an 'Ammiyya variety other than Levantine (shami) to catch up with other learners who have studied MSA and Levantine in an integrated manner. The instructional material used is based on the 'Ammiyya component of 'Arabiyyat al-Naas I & II, with intensive practice in the number system, basic 'Ammiyya vocabluary like raaH, shaaf, biddi, halla', etc., and drills in basic grammatical structures such as possession, verb conjugation in the perfect and the imperfect, negation, object pronouns and iDaafa. Students who successfully complete this course will be able to enroll in Arabic 2b.