At Al-Mashriq, we are firm believers that much of language acquisition takes place outside of the classroom. For this reason, our programs include a wide array of activities that supplement formal instruction and aim to immerse students as completely as possible into their environment. Check out our co-curricluars below:


Students are encouraged to participate in Al-Mashriq's regular cultural workshops. These cover a range of topics including (but not limited to) cooking, music & Arabic calligraphy.

Guest Speakers

Students also have the opportunity to attend a number of guest lectures which are held periodically throughout their term. Subject matter for these lectures varies depending on the speaker.

Local Exploration

Depending on their level, students may go on field trips to various destinations within the city of Amman, where they will meet and/or interview key individuals working within each institution. In some classes, students will then be asked to write a report on the experience and deliver it either in writing or orally. This will be a regular assignment and be part of studentsŐ overall performance. Below is a list of institutions that students may visit during their program, though the possibilities are not limited to those listed here: