At Al-Mashriq, we are firm believers that much of language acquisition takes place outside of the classroom. For this reason, our programs include a wide array of activities that supplement formal instruction and aim to immerse students as completely as possible into their environment. Check out our co-curricluars below:

Language Partners

Each student at Al-Mashriq is matched with a language partner, most of whom are recruited from neighboring university campuses. These native Arabic speakers play a critical role in the cultural and linguistic immersion process, offering students a window into the lives of young Jordanians. Students meet their language partners for a minimum of two hours per week, half of which is spent speaking only Arabic. The second half of this time is dedicated to speaking in the students' native language. We make every effort to pair each student with someone who is learning their native tongue. In cases in which that is not possible, students will generally be paired for Arabic-English laguage exchange.