Please take a moment to read about the experiences of some of our graduates and the faculty that sent them. The faculty and staff at Al-Mashriq value quality in education above all else, delivering tangible results to all of our students.

"My summer at Al-Mashriq has been an incredibly rewarding life experience. It was my first time in the Middle East, and when I arrived in Amman my language level was pretty low, having just covered the Elementary Arabic course throughout the winter. I cannot say that adjusting to a new country, with undeniably different culture and customs, is an easy process, especially if you haven't mastered the language spoken in that country; however, even in this respect, Al-Mashriq has been for me like a big family, where I constantly found support, encouragement and positive attitudes.

First of all, the instruction is, in my view, structured and organized in the best way possible. Classes are small, so that every student gets the proper amount of attention. Teachers are not only professional, well-prepared and widely experienced, but also incredibly energetic, engaging and open-minded. I was personally amazed at the speed of my daily progress, and by the end of the two months I had built a new self-confidence in my language skills.

But Al-Mashriq is not only about teaching language in the classroom. The center gives students many different opportunities to practice the language outside of the classroom, as well as to get into contact with the culture behind it. Workshops, daily trips, and language partners are viewed as essential parts of the learning process, so that the student always feels engaged and willing to experience more and more."

- Silvia Caserta, Cornell University

"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for organising and delivering such a terrific course for our Advanced Arabic students who got back to Edinburgh today. We are all incredibly impressed with the quality of our students' Arabic and their intellectual and academic development which makes this programme so unique and special."

- Jonathan Featherstone, University of Edinburgh

"I cannot recommend Al-Mashriq enough to fellow students of Arabic. As an advanced student, I benefited greatly from the amount of individual attention I received from instructors and flexibility with regards to course material. Of course we went on excursions, saw the sights of the city, and ate like kings while we were in Amman, but for me, the most rewarding part of my stay in Jordan was the classes at Al-Mashriq. The professors are passionate about teaching, sensitive to the individual concerns of students, and most importantly, are an incredibly warm, hospitable bunch. I'd love to go back!"

- Isabel Lachenauer, University of Edinburgh

"Al-Mashriq is truly on the forefront of innovation for teaching Arabic. It combines Amiyya (local Jordanian dialect) with Fusha which enables students to carry out normal conversations with locals in addition to understanding Fusha in its written and oral forms. The center is amazing, and the small nature of the classes gives students individual attention that enables them to progress rapidly in learning Arabic. The professors are top-tier and they cater the course to the specific needs of students, allotting class time to address students' needs and questions regarding Arabic. Moreover, the professors make themselves available to assist students outside of class and truly care about the students' experience in Jordan. The amount of Arabic I have learned at Al-Mashriq in merely two months is unbelievable. Much of the class time is devoted to discussion which enables students to practice and improve oral skills while constantly developing new vocabulary."

- Barrett Shelley, University of Oklahoma

"Thanks to Al-Mashriq, I have learned an unfathomable amount about Arabic language, culture and food, as well as gaining an important new perspective on the world in general. I plan on returning in the near future to further improve my Arabic language skills as well as to better understand Arab (specifically Jordanian) culture and perception. I wholeheartedly recommend this program to anyone and everyone."

- Conrad Hain, Cornell University

"Al-Mashriq was, without doubt, the best institute in the Middle East that I have studied at. The classes were challenging and demanding but extremely rewarding. The teachers that we had were experienced in their field and were imaginative and enthusiastic facilitators in developing both Fusha and Amiyya. It was not an ordinary language course; through the intensive study of Modern Arabic literature I felt as if I also gained a depth in my understanding of Arabic culture that was not there before. I had never expected to have such an amazing opportunity to study so much literature under the guidance of people who really knew their stuff. At the end of class you'd be filled with a combination of feeling utterly exhausted, but also desperate to keep learning more - a truly inspiring learning experience."

- Rebecca Wolfe, University of Edinburgh

"My summer at Al-Mashriq drastically improved my Arabic skills and understanding of Jordanian culture. The program structure allowed me to learn both formal and spoken Arabic while having time to explore the area. The professors were great - I enjoyed getting to know them and I loved our various class trips with them around Jordan."

- Kathryn Dawson, Cornell University

"Al-Mashriq is a great place to learn real Arabic. It not only provided excellent courses but also arranged great activities. All the staff are highly responsible and spared no effort to satisfy our needs. In short, it was an amazing experience that I will never forget."

- Han Dai, University of Edinburgh